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The legal field is constantly evolving to address changes in laws, best practices, technological innovations, and emerging solutions to protect clients. Those who are breaking into the space typically turn to seasoned attorneys and legal professionals who have the expertise, education, and willingness to teach others about the complexities of the field. These professionals are excellent resources for insights and critical information that will assist budding attorneys as they work to grow their acumen and better serve clients.

Nathan DeLadurantey is an attorney specializing in consumer protection law who has dedicated himself to empowering others to learn more about his area of expertise. Through a collection of resources addressing recent developments, innovations, and professional insights into consumer protection law and the legal field at large, Nathan DeLadurantey aims draw from his experience as an attorney to make information on key topics more accessible to others.

About Nathan DeLadurantey Attorney

Nathan DeLadurantey is a graduate of Oak Brook College of Law and maintains that his educational experience set a firm foundation on which to base his legal career. Previously, Nathan served as Legislative Assistant to Paul Cesarz, Milwaukee County Supervisor where he assisted with research analysis, scheduling, and filing. Nathan DeLadurantey later worked at O’Bryon Law Firm facilitating real estate, business law, and bankruptcy cases. Nathan grew passionate about consumer protection through his education and working experience, recognizing that many people did not know their rights or have adequate representation when exploring litigation. Nathan DeLadurantey took this passion and drew from his past experience to begin his own firm focused on protecting the rights of consumers.

Nathan DeLadurantey currently serves as Managing Partner of DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC, a practice that is 100% focused on consumer protection litigation. In this position, DeLadurantey facilitates Federal and State litigation cases and assists individuals with skilled legal advice and representation. Nathan is currently licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin, Western District of Wisconsin, Eastern District of Wisconsin, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Nathan DeLadurantey has also been admitted pro hac vice in the District of West Virginia and the Southern District of Florida.

Under Nathan’s leadership, DeLauntantey Law Office, LLC has successfully handled cases suing a wide variety of institutions including repair shops, auto dealerships, banks, lenders, finance companies, and a myriad of other business and people that have harmed consumers during their operations. Notably, Nathan is among the few trial lawyers specializing in consumer law and is prepared to present cases to a jury and help clients receive their fair day in court should their cases not settle prior. Nathan holds recognition, awards, and accolades from lawyers, bar and trades associations, and has been ranked a “Super Lawyer” in recognition of his commitment to excellence within his field.

Those who have worked with Nathan DeLadurantey speak to how he is an attorney that remains extremely passionate about representing consumers and litigating cases. His attention to detail is consistently mentioned as one of his strengths as well as his ability to listen to and empathize with clients as he helps them with planning next steps for cases. Clients also speak to the immense knowledge and experience that Nathan DeLadurantey has accumulated over the course of his career, having regularly represented consumers in cases such as identity theft, debt collection, general consumer issues, auto fraud, debt collector harassment, auto mobile repossession, and credit reporting errors. Nathan’s interest in meeting new people and clients, the patience he exhibits as he assists with facilitating their litigations, and the timeliness in which he proceeds are frequently noted as factors that set him apart from others within his space.

Outside of the courtroom, Nathan has lectured at a variety of legal and local continuing education events on a national and regional level. Nathan DeLadurantey believes that contributing to essential conversations within his field are an important way to push innovation and development while guiding other professionals to find their footing within the space. Nathan enjoys participating in a range of activities in his spare time including hiking with his family, reading, and practicing CrossFit.

Nathan DeLadurantey’s Skills and Areas of Expertise

Nathan upholds that the multitude of skills that he has developed over the course of his legal career have been instrumental in developing his acumen and providing the best possible outcomes for his clients. Below are a few of Nathan DeLadurantey’s areas of expertise.

  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Debtors Rights
  • Legal Research
  • Trials
  • Business Development
  • Hearings
  • Analysis
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Loan Modifications
  • Appeals
  • Mediation
  • Consumer Law
  • Document Drafting

In addition to Nathan DeLadurantey’s current skills, he consistently works towards expanding his areas of expertise and learning more about developments within the legal space through attending events and other learning opportunities. Nathan believes that both contributing to and learning from ongoing conversations within his space allow for new developments, innovation, and improved best practices that improve legal outcomes for clients.

More from Nathan DeLadurantey Attorney

Nathan DeLadurantey recognizes that his role as an attorney specializing in consumer protection places him in the unique position to help others better understand the legal field, their rights, and vital concepts to keep in mind as they explore the world of law. To this point, Nathan DeLadurantey hopes to utilize this website as a resource for accessible information on the legal field and his areas of expertise. Future posts from Nathan DeLadurantey will address topics such as repossessions, costs associated with retaining consumer protection lawyers, what to expect from consultations, and more. Through these insights, Nathan’s goal is to empower others to better understand their rights, take the best steps possible to secure high-quality representation, and avoid the pitfalls associated with litigating without proper support channels and resources.

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